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Canoe And Kayak Service

Canoe And Kayak Service

Kayak and Canoe Pick Up and Drop Off Service

Pick Up and Delivery Service
glampingcamping.ca will come to your house and pick up and deliver your canoe or kayak and then pick you up and take you home.
Explore at Water Level
See the twists and turns of the river and explore at your own pace.
We Carry Your Gear
Want to explore without the weight. Let us help. Many packages available.
Paddle The Rideau
Let glampingcamping.ca do the work for you.
Over-night Tent packages
Add one of our tent packages to ensure your glamping experience exceeds you expectations.

Let glampingcamping.ca work for you!

We are very happy to announce our Kayak and Canoe delivery services to Kingston and the surrounding area.

Tired of loading that heavy canoe or trying to squeeze your kayak onto roof mounted brackets? No more searching for a ride at the end of your day.  Just imagine the freedom of touring the waterways without carrying all your gear.  Just pack your lunch and enjoy the great outdoors. The freedom of paddling opens up many spontaneous twists and turns that can only be enjoyed touring in a kayak or canoe.  It offers a natures perspective of life along the water.

We offer a variety of packages to assist you along your water route.  From pick-up/drop-off services to overnight camping set-up with food options available. 

Home Pick-Up

Home Drop-Off

We will pick you up at your home or site. Load your kayaks/canoes on our fully equipped truck. Drive and drop you off anywhere along the Rideau River Water Way or nearby lake or river.

On return. Meet at a pre-arranged pick-up time and meet you at your intended destination.  Safely load and secure your gear and drive you home or site.

$25.00 per kayak/canoe plus $1.00 per km/return from Kingston.

Over Night Camp Packages

We set up your tent at your intended camping lock station or pre-booked campground. In the morning, we take down all equipment, clean and pack ready for your next delivery site.  You must purchase a camping permit to pitch a tent at a lock station. We carry all your equipment and lock your valuables while you enjoy your paddle. Please provide your own coolers.

Includes: tent set-up with air-mattress or cots. BBQ, camp-stove, camping chairs, pots & pans, cooking utensils and cleaning supplies.

$65.00 per person per night for a tent package. Plus $1.00 per km from Kingston return.


$30.00 per person per night if you bring your own tent and gear. Plus $1.00 per km from Kingston return. We do not set up privately owned tents.

Food & Supply Delivery

You create an account, pre-order and pay at Walmart.com  (Kingston location). Advise the store that a representative from glampingcamping.ca will pick up the order between 8 and 9 am time slots. We cooler pack and deliver to your launch or campsite.

$20.00 per store visit. Plus $1.00 per km from Kingston return.

Plan before you

Paddle adventures require some planning that is often daunting and not as easy as you think. We are here to help.  We review, discuss and confirm your routes and pick-up times prior to each launch. We provide an emergency point of contact during your adventure.  If you don’t arrive at your intended destination we will call the local authorities and a family member on your behalf.  We will also provide a daily 24 hour weather report in your area.  

A few key pointers before you dip your paddle into the water. 

Know where your launching and how to get back or to your next stage. 

It is so easy to get lost on the water and has happened to even the most senior kayak enthusiast and canoeists. That first fork in the river could be a mistake if you pick the wrong route.

Carry a map or GPS of the water-way you are traveling.  

This way you can keep tabs on where you are. Notice landmarks or lock systems.  Don’t forget to look behind you and pick a prominent landmark or way-point. It’s a good idea to take your cell phone with you but often cell tower coverage is not available. A waterproof GPS is a valuable tool to have.  It may take a day or two figuring out how to use it but once you have mastered the basics your GPS provides your speed, distance traveled, way-points or you can use the reverse route look up to back track if required.

Know your limits.  

Everyone is different and we all paddle at different speeds and intensities. If you are paddling with a group, always plan on your slowest paddlers limits. Be mindful of portages and lift-locks.  Almost all paddles involve some sort of portage or a point in the journey that is impassable and you must carry what have.

Must have essential basic equipment. 

Life Preserver, bail bucket, whistle, rope, first aid kit, water container, layered clothing, matches/lighter, hat and sunscreen.